Why aren’t we living as well as we could, given all the possibilities that we have in society? How do we get the message out there that we can make a significant difference to our health by making small changes to our lives?

The answer that we came up with, was to stop telling people that they need to change and start celebrating the fact that we can change.

The Lancaster Health Festival has one very simple aim. We want to create spaces and opportunities for people to have conversations – easy or difficult – with family, friends, neighbours and themselves that will help them to make simple changes that will have big effects, to rediscover the art of living.

The festival began as the germ of an idea in October 2016 and the first health festival took place in September 2017 and engaged with 500 people. The second health festival took place in 2018 and engaged with 2000 people and this year for the 3rd Lancaster Health Festival, we want to engage with 5000 people.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the 2018 Lancaster Health Festival and to all those who came along to our events. We are well underway with the planning and organising for this year’s event.   Feel free to email us with any questions on: [email protected]

Email us at: [email protected]