Dyeing Fabric With Kitchen Waste

Come and have a taste of the variety of vibrant colours using non toxic plant based processes. Learn the basics on how to extract and use pigment from vegetable waste on natural fibres.Suited for beginners, limited spaces available, materials included.

Chemical dyes are extremely toxic and cause huge amounts of pollution at every stage of their production and use.

Ingredients in chemical dyes are responsible for huge amounts of pollution of soil and water, this goes beyond those involved in the industry and affects people living in the whole region.

Little textile production occurs in the UK or across Europe, so we become

increasingly divorced from the process and problems inflicted and awareness


Connect more closely with nature, join us for a small scale DIY alternative to fast fashion, and have fun in the process.


You will learn more about food waste and textiles while having fun in the process

The event is finished.


31 Jul 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm