‘Food for Thought’ with Lancashire Youth Challenge

As a part of The Lost Art of Living, Lancaster’s health festival FoodFutures is examining our relationship to food and the food system we come to depend upon. In order to highlight food instability and North Lancashire’s Food Poverty Alliance, we’ll be featuring a short documentary made by the young people at Lancashire Youth Challenge.
Between 2018 and early 2019, young people at Lancashire Youth Challenge produced a short documentary film about food banks here in the northwest.
At the time, two of the participants were living in temporary supported accommodation and were regularly using food banks. They commented as to how they felt negatively stigmatised and embarrassed by the fact they had to rely on food donations.
The young people were eager to raise awareness about this issue and felt that film would be a perfect medium. They worked with a professional writer and filmmaker to assist with the project. Writing the script, producing story-boars, operating cameras and sound equipment, interviewing people and editing film. Equipped with newfound skills, they embarked on interviews with food bank users, volunteers and managers in Lancaster, Morecambe and Liverpool.
For more, including a video of the Food for Thought event at More Music in February 2020 and the “Making of” video, click www.lancashireyouthchallenge.co.uk/food-for-thought-2/

The event is finished.


17 Sep 2020


10:00 am