Getting Through The Grief – Lancaster Health Festival

Simon Stewart, The Cornerstone Chaplain, has over 20 years experience working in groups and with individuals and has a deep passion for helping people get through their grief.

When death becomes a taboo subject, as it mainly has in the west, we are in trouble. The loss of loved ones is one of the certainties of everybody’s life. The pandemic has made such losses even harder to bear and much more difficult to healthily mourn. I am convinced that unresolved grief lies behind an awful lot of poor mental health. Helping people navigate it healthily and with support is therefore key to creating better mental and emotional health. I would like to explore the natural human wisdom that we have about death and loss and think about how we apply it. I would also like to look at some of the very practical ways in which people can mark a loss, memorialise a person, and learn to live with their absence. It is beautiful, life-enhancing work that can make us all more compassionate.

The event is finished.


30 Jul 2021


6:00 pm