Music to feed the heart the mind and the soul

I am the Catholic priest chaplain to Furness General and an enthusiastic pianist. I studied music at University and am a Licientiate of the Royal Schools of Music. I recently did an online recital of the Music of Chopin and the lead chaplain at FGH asked if I would record a video for this project . I propose to talk about the importance of music in my and others well being and health and to play a selection of pieces including a selection of Chopin, Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata , Debussy’s Clare de Lune.

A selection of the finest compositions for piano played by Fr. Emmanuel Gribben , FGH chaplain on a magnificent Steinway Concert Grand in the beautiful setting of St. Marys Church , Barrow. During the pandemic it has become so very apparent that we need culture and music to sustain us emotionally and psychologically. I am sharing some of the pieces that I have found to be of great comfort and consolation in the hope that they will also nourish and heal those who watch this video.

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30 Jul 2021


5:00 pm