SAFA Toolbox Workshop – Lancaster Health Festival

In September, SAFA won a National Lottery grant to develop an online ‘toolbox’ of resources (articles / videos / animations / artwork) to support self-care and wellbeing. The toolbox, and the ‘tools’ within it will be publicly available through SAFA’s website and our aim is to support people across Cumbria who might be experiencing difficulties in their mental health and wellbeing themselves, or in their family and friendship groups. That may be because of the impact of Covid, or for other reasons.

The workshop will bring people who have shown particular interest to the project together and want to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities and the connected partnership we hope to establish across the county. This is the start of the process: asking what matters to people and what they would like to see in the Toolbox.

Thank you for joining us for our workshop! Please note that the workshop will be recorded to ensure that we are able to save and return to people’s ideas, however, if within the workshop you split off into chat rooms those rooms will not be recorded. We will not attribute ideas or opinions that come out of the workshop to individuals, and we will not use the recording for any other purposes without individual consent. The workshop will be friendly, informal and, we hope, a positive experience. It is important to note that you can share what you feel comfortable sharing, and what you say will be treated in confidence. Vice versa, you maintain confidentiality of another person’s discussions.

The event is finished.


30 Jul 2021


10:00 am