Tai Chi – Learn and Try


We will be offering displays of some of the varied aspects of what makes tai chi chuan such a unique, captivating and addictive health exercise. Showing both the martial arts of tai chi chuan, and the gentle muscular skeletal work out that tai chi can be used as.

Community will be encouraged to join in on the soft elements, and watch from a safe distance the more explosive features of the art.


Drop in for the following sessions:

12:30 Warm up session – participation

1:00 A talk on the medicinal value of tai chi by Dr, Andrew Vickers.

1:30 Martial arts and applications – demonstration

2:00 Traditional long form – demonstration followed by qigong – participation

2:30 Gentle contact exercise used for both martial arts and health – participation

3:00 Seated tai chi for rehab and repair – participation

3:30 Sword form – demonstration

4:00 Standing meditations – participation

The event is finished.


30 Jul 2021


12:30 pm