Tara Time Collective Q&A with Julie Meyfroidt

Hands up if you live in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, Halton or another area in the District and you’d like to join a network of people helping each other one hour at a time?

Welcome to the Tara Time Collective, a new timebank for Lancaster and District. 

The Tara Centre was successful in securing funding to set up a local Timebank for Lancaster District, to build on all the amazing acts of kindness that have been taking place during these past few months. How it works: every time you offer to help someone you receive one time credit. You can then use that time credit to receive the service that you want from another Timebank member. If all you can offer is 1 hour every now and then that’s great. Together we can build a local economy for skills and services that help us all, whether we are individuals, businesses or community organisations. The service or skill you offer could be online or in person, with some restrictions in place.

The Tara Time Collective also has a Community Pot where you can donate your time credits to a Timebank member that needs it e.g. we could pool our time credits and donate it to Homeless Action so that they can give credits to a man and van to move someone into their new accommodation. Or we could donate it to someone who’s currently in hospital.

The event is finished.


19 Sep 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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