The Peer Listening Project – The Growing Club

Sarah Ludford is a trainer in Nonviolent Communication who specialises in supporting people to walk towards each other and communicate.

We all need a good listening to from time to time.

Sharing what is going on for us, being seen and heard, it’s amazing what a good listening to can do for us. When someone listens to me without judgement, I feel a sense of being accompanied and less alone. And when I share out loud what is going in for me, somehow I get more clarity about what is important to me. Even when all the listener does is sit there.

Come and find out about the Peer Listening Project and experience the simplicity and power of listening and being heard.

We have been running the peer listening project through lockdown and it has had fantastic outcomes for women’s lives, from breaking the isolation to enabling them to communicate better with their loved ones

The event is finished.


31 Jul 2021


2:00 pm