Friday 20th September 2019

Up to 500 secondary school pupils to get active, get connected, get resilient

We’ll be running a special pre-booked event for the young people of Lancaster at Williamson’s Park on Friday 20th September. We’ve partnered up with local secondary schools to provide a special day for their year 7 class(es). Starting at high school can be a daunting time for children, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to build new friendships and develop new skills.

Sarah Baines, from the Lancaster Integrated Care Community, has arranged a number of activities at Williamson’s Park on the Friday.

LANCASTER CIVIC SOCIETY are doing history walks/talks in Williamsons Park

They will be taking groups of children on pre-booked tours round the park pointing out historical monuments and talking about their and the City’s history.

Lancaster Civic Society was founded in 1967. It’s aims are to promote the public interest in, and care for the beauty, history and character of the area Lancaster its surroundings. To encourage and actively participate in the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest.

Lancashire Youth Challenge

“Lancashire Youth Challenge is a dynamic charity which enables young people to build confidence and resilience via an exciting year-round programme of physical fitness training, mindfulness and well-being programmes, creative arts workshops activities, and cultural education projects. Every year we offer young participants the opportunity to take part in the life changing, BIG ANNUAL CHALLENGE. Our programme is free of charge to young people and we provide all of the equipment required to take part; for this we thank our wonderful funders.

In September 2015 Lancashire Youth Challenge became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with an aim of supporting young people who are experiencing personal challenges and difficulties such as mental ill health, drug and alcohol related issues, homelessness, family breakdown, anti-social behaviour and criminality to overcome these challenges and achieve their own personal success.  At the heart of our ethos is the belief that everybody can achieve success and gain new skills when given the opportunity, effective encouragement and training.”

Circus Skills

Lancaster Circus Collective will be running workshops. The workshops will teach juggling, poi, Diablo, devil stick, staff, skating, hola hoop and spinning plates, visitors will be encouraged to explore the skills in a relaxed environment, and the tutors will be on hand to teach basic skills – its best to let the kids find a prop they like and then give them something to practice individually , instead of trying to give a structured lesson to a group, Once they see the props they can’t keep still! They could learn multiple techniques this way or find a favourite and more likely to continue at home – which is what we’re aiming for, igniting the fire that drives the soul!


It is often known as the thought sport or cunning running. Use your map and compass to work out how to find the various controls located around the park. It is a great opportunity to keep fit and healthy and have fun at the same time.

Tai Chi

Some say that tai chi is a four part practice consisting of:
Standing meditations (zhuan zuang)
Application (the practice of the original martial arts of the moves)
Chi Kung (or qigong in the Wade-Giles transliteration) (gentle muscular skeletal exercise of benefit to both mind and body including all the vital organs)
Form (the slow continual movement of the martial arts techniques and understanding that looks almost like a dance to observers).

Of course there is so much more to it and this is one of the strengths of tai chi; it can be whatever the student needs.

In these taster sessions I’ll be offering the students a glimpse of each of the above components.”