Lois Hulse: Percy Jackson series

The books I really enjoyed reading and will always be my favourite are the Percy Jackson series. I first read them when I was in primary school and recently decided to read them again. Despite being aimed at younger audiences, I think that this series is enjoyable for everyone. It includes humour which is relatable for all ages and although the books are fiction, they include a great amount of knowledge of Greek Mythology which I have always had somewhat of an interest in. This is what really

piqued my interest and I thoroughly enjoy reading them mainly due to this – it helps me to learn about Greek Mythology in a more fun way. These books were what really inspired me to read more, especially fantasy novels, and although I have read many similar books over the years, these books have always stayed with me and have been in the back of my mind. They are an easy read and they really pull you in, making you want to read more.