Michelle’s Story – Weight loss let me play with my children

My Weight Loss Story:


I had been wanting to lose some weight after I found that I was struggling to run around and play with my three children. I followed some of the Weight Loss Tips given to me by my colleague.  I found that I could eat naughty foods, but I would simply try to work this off by doing more exercise or even just having half of what I would normally have.


I also made myself small achievable targets – instead of a target of “I have to lose three stone”, I set myself smaller targets of losing 5 pounds in a month (and they soon added up).  I also started to look at what I was eating and asking myself “was there a better choice” I could be making?


I am very lucky to have supportive colleagues who, rather than nag at me for what I was eating, would offer suggestions about what would have been better and I would then apply this to the next meal time.