My Weight Loss Story

A couple of years ago I decided that I needed a bit more energy, to continue enjoying my hectic life in the manner I had previously. In order to do this I decided to start eating more healthily and become more active.  By default, I also ended up losing a few stone.  I regularly asked myself the questions below and tried to remind myself of the following tips, to assist in my healthier lifestyle.  Please feel free to try some of these out yourselves, if you wish.  If you did try any of these tips, it would be great to get your feedback and if you could share your stories and photos with us too on that would be very welcome.


Weight Loss Tips:

When wanting to eat something, I asked myself “am I hungry” – if not, did I really need to eat right now, or could I wait a while (especially when trying to avoid snacking unnecessarily)

What is the healthiest way I can have what I fancy eg just have one biscuit instead of three or bulk my meals out with vegetables (I wasn’t keen on vegetables, so found that blending the ones I could tolerate and using them as a sauce for a dish helped)

I am the only person who can achieve my targets, so don’t blame other people or events for my own failure or lack of willpower

Keep my food as bland as possible as often as possible, as then I am less likely to overeat.

If I do eat something “naughty”, don’t let it derail me. Simply try to work it off – even a gentle walk would be beneficial.

Don’t follow fad diets. I can’t cheat the scales if I am hoping to achieve long-term weight loss.

Use the half rule. Just eat half of my usual amount, especially if it’s something “naughty”.  I can then further reduce the amount to half again a couple of months down the line, if that’s realistic.

It’s not just food which I need to consider. What I drink can have a detrimental effect on my waistline.  Alcohol contains large amounts of sugar, as do fruit juices.  It is far healthier to eat fruit whole, than to juice it.

Try to avoid fizzy pop, even the sugar free varieties. If I do want something fizzy to drink, then just drink plain soda water.

Make myself an achievable target and then pace myself, so I don’t give up on my goals. There is usually no urgent deadline to achieve the target, as long as I am consistently moving in the right direction.

If I find the end target too overwhelming, then just keep setting myself little goals and move things forward in the right direction at my own pace – I should be trying to achieve my goals for myself, no one else.

Start exercising with gentle, slow, short walks and then as I start to lose weight, become fitter and more energetic, then increase my activity levels.

Make sure that “naughty” foods are occasional treats only, rather than being consumed regularly out of habit.

I may feel that comfort food is my friend, which makes me feel better, but in the long run it can actually become my enemy and trap me in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits.

If you do wish to try some of these tips, I hope you find them helpful.