Welcome to the Lancaster Health Festival Projects Page

6th Formers

The question is how do we prepare our young people for life? How can we give them opportunities but at the same time give the inner strength to know that often life goes pear shaped?

Book Reviews

There’s nothing like a good book, as the saying goes, Ian explains why the Lancaster Health Festival is hosting book reviews.

Collage Competition

Lancaster Integrated Care Community supporting Lancaster Health Festival 2021 run a collage competition for community groups, schools, care homes, and individuals!

Food Challenge

So what’s in your loaf of bread? Where does your fruit and veg come from?  How much does all this cost?  These are big questions for both our wallets and the environment.  Food is becoming, dare we say it, a political hot potato.

Make a difference. Be the difference.

The Lancaster Health Festival is you. You are the people who can make a change, you are the people who can make a difference and you are the people who can recover the lost art of living.