Reading Well, Reading for Life


We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.



There’s nothing like a good book, as the saying goes, Ian explains why the Lancaster Health Festival is hosting book reviews.

Whatever your age, reading is one of the best things you can do. You can visit far off lands, go back in time and see into the future; all without ever leaving your home. The only problem is which one do you choose; there are just so many stories out there. That is why we’re inviting people to submit a review of their favourite book. Perhaps you’ll see a review by a colleague or an old friend and that’s what gets you talking.

The health festival is all about creating conversations and looking after your health and wellbeing. The benefits of reading are well documented, whatever your age. There’s something special about books, the thought ‘just one more chapter’ will be familiar to most, even in the early hours. We hope that these reviews really do become a talking point

If you want to share your review please ensure it’s no more than 400 words and please include a photo of the book. To submit your review simply email it to [email protected].

Person Profile: Maemi Wyanet

Maemi came up with the idea of doing book reviews as part of the health festival.

Maemi is originally from Montreal, Canada, and has worked for UHMB Trust since July 2014. A Specialist Secretary working at the RLI for the Oncology Department, she is part of the Respect Champions Team as well as being a member of the Trust’s Disability Network and BME Network. She is currently completing a degree in Counselling Psychology at the Open University.