Collage Competition

Is Your child taking part? What about your mum, dad, grandparent…?

The Lancaster Health Festival is community focused, it’s people focused and it’s for all ages.

This year for our festival competition more than 60 collage templates have been distributed.

7 to local schools – 18 to residential and nursing homes – 6 to community groups

Here are some of the collage competition entries

Who can enter?

We have invited local nursing and residential homes, community groups and primary and special schools to enter our socially inclusive, fun activity that we are running as part of this year’s Lancaster Health Festival.

What is the competition?

The Collage Competition has two entry categories, children and young people and adults.

Competitors are invited to complete a collage of the Ashton Memorial.

So far we have given out 26 collage templates to residential and nursing homes, 30 to local schools and 8 to local community groups so 64 in total.

What happens?

Completed entries need to be returned by 7th September to Sarah Baines, Integrated Care Community Development Lead for Lancaster

They will then be shortlisted down to 10 finalists in each category which will be displayed on Friday 20th September in Williamsons Park where Year 7 pupils from local secondary schools will vote for their favourite.