Get Active

Physical activity not only helps you to stay healthier, it also makes you feel better in yourself. Here are some ways in which you can become more active


  • Go for a 30 minute walk three times a week – you could try to incorporate this into your journey to and/or from work.
  • Park your car as far away as possible, g. the furthest edge of the car park when going to work or going to the supermarket.
  • If you want something to eat, walk there to obtain it (rather than driving there, having it delivered or asking someone else to get it for you).
  • When going for regular walks, gradually increase the distance and pace at which you walk.
  • Meet a friend at a local café and then go for a walk.
  • Go on a local walking tour/trail or visit a local museum.

At Home and work

  • Have a walk around your local area and explore – you might get to say hello to your neighbours.
  • Become more active at home g. do your housework at a faster pace or spend more time gardening.
  • Play more – with the children, with pets, at parties, in the park. Start up a game of football, rounders, frisbee, etc.
  • Use the stairs wherever possible, rather than using lifts or escalators.
  • Endeavour to be more active in your daily working, e.g. get up from your desk every time you have something to move around the office, rather than letting three or four items pile up on your desk before you move.
  • Volunteer to be the one who walks across site when something needs to be delivered elsewhere.
  • Have one day per week where you make your way into work without using a car.


  • Find a friend or relative to exercise with – that way you will get fitter and have someone to chat to.
  • Music might help you to work out more vigorously.
  • Factor exercise into your busy schedule and stick to it.
  • Ensure you have had enough to eat to give you the energy to exercise and make sure you stay hydrated. You could:
  • Meet a friend at the gym and then “do lunch” afterwards.
  • Sign up to a charity event in which you have to undertake a physical activity.
  • Go on a holiday, during which you have to be more active – with plenty of walking, swimming, cycling, horse riding, etc.
  • Learn to dance – have fun!
  • Organise a friendly competition with others, which means you all have to become more active.

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