RLI Saved My Life 3 times

Terry Ainsworth

Terry is a volunteer at Royal Lancaster Infirmary and he is very passionate about the hospital and now raises money for the Morecambe Bay Hospital’s Charity.

Gala Dinner

Terry suffered a fall in 2017 during a Gala dinner – in fact he was talking to Morecambe FC manager, Jim Bentley, at the time – and then again in 2018 which resulted in stays at hospital and a number of tests.

Terry had a condition called a Spigelian Hernia and needed surgery, surgeons Wendy Craig and Paul Wilson successfully operated on Terry.


In 2018 Terry was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was prescribed tablets for treatment; however he instead chose to try combat this by cutting down on unhealthy food and is now happily symptom free.

Terry proudly proclaims the RLI has saved his life three times; the previous occasions being as a young boy when he fell onto the tracks at Morecambe Train Station and in his thirty’s when he suffered an embolism.

Life begins at 78

Aged 78 Terry decided that he wanted to help the hospital that had helped him so much, he now raises money by doing sponsored walks and so far has done one with hospital consultant Bryan Rhodes and Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith.

In addition Terry has been invited to host a radio show for Beyond Radio, primarily focused on Football, but he intends to plug the Hospital Charity at every opportunity!